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Hyderabadi Biryani Kit

Hyderabadi Biryani has its origins in Nizami cuisine from Hyderabad. It is distinctively known for its aroma and flavors of exotic spices. The key differentiator here is aromatic garam masala spice blend exclusive used in the Authentic Hyderabadi Gravy. Hyderabadi with its right blend of onion and tomato, spice mix ensures rich spicy taste and appeal.

Lucknowi Biryani Kit

Awadhi Biryani has its origins in Mughlai cuisine from the cultural city of Lucknow. It is distinctively known its beautifully balanced flavours. The key differentiator here with pure rose water and hints of mace & small cardamom powder used in the gravy. Lucknowi is more of the Shahi range-Yoghurt based , milder spice note, more aromatic and flavorful with a smoother taste appeal.

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